Burnt Money

Not all of it, for what I saw.
"The search goes on
for the bloodthirsty gang.

It is assumed... ''
This is an Argentine paper.
This one on the other hand...
''Argentine gang
searched for in... ''

This paper is Uruguayan.
See for yourselves?
So, they know where we are
and anyone can recognize us.
They've got Vivi!
On the street,

in this building,
even going out to the balcony
is dangerous.

I must do something.
- That means...
- Are you deaf?

That means the girl told them
what I ordered you...

What I ordered you
not to tell her!

She should never have known
we were coming to Uruguay.

Under the circumstances,
our discretion is crucial.
If you want to leave
this country alive

you must do exactly what I say.
They aren't formalities.
It's a matter of life or death.

1 st rule: We're invisible.
We can't be seen, not at all.
Don't show yourselves.

2nd rule: We're mute.
None must hear us.

The world must think
the flat is still empty.

3rd and final rule: We're alone.
There's no world outside for us.