Burnt Money

It's better.
You're not studying at all.
You should.

Study what?
When we get to New York,
we're going to need it.

We must speak it perfectly.
Pass off as...

Our new papers will have
other names, right?

I want to choose my own name,
to confuse the voices.
Who, me? Wrong, wrong.
You've got the wrong guy.
Angel? What Angel?
I don't want to hurt him
but I can't help it.
I also feel like it. I want to.
But I mustn't.
The voices are not to blame.
They say I should,
they say I shouldn't.

They call me "fag",
"fairy", "saint".

They want to confuse me.
But I know what to do.

The semen. You have to save it.
It's sacred.

Nene doesn't get it,
I'm trying to save him.

No semen, no God.
Semen is sacred.