Burnt Money

We came to Uruguay
with no papers,

we can leave without them.
It's not just the papers.
It's the whole structure
in Brazil... housing,

you'll be dogs.
Who'll give you asylum?
What's the fuss?
It's just a few more days.

Do you think they can handle
two more days here?

Guess who's here now,
in Uruguay.
Chancho Aguirre!
What do you say?
He's here in Montevideo,
with Interpol.

I told you, didn't I?
Don't fuck
with Chancho Aguirre.

He wants... all the money!
Talk to Losardo.
Put pressure on him.

That's why I pay you.
The sooner we leave the better.
- Nervous.
- What?

The cough. It's nervous.
I had it as a kid.
Steam baths.

- It opens up the chest.
- Where are you going?

- To get some air.
- Are you nuts?

You said two days.
That turned into five.
Now it'll be 7 or 10 or 20.

I'm surprised at you.
What surprises me
is that we're still waiting.

Why do we need passports?
Our faces
are all over the country.

Policemen of all kinds
are after us. They're pissed off.

They want to charge us
for the two dead cops...

They want the money. Need I go on?
What's wrong with you?