Then do you wanna bet on it?
You're always
waiting to bet on something.

I don't remember
why we were so much into that race.

Because you keep persisting on it.
We went to separate middle schools.
But when we started to
grow hair on our bodies,

we hung out together again.
- 1981 -
Man, I felt like a big idiot.
So I just gave a mean face,
and asked them if they want to fight.

They surrendered right away
and apologized.

Hey, aren't those the pricks
from Chunghak High School?

Look how those losers act.
Should I shut them up?
We welcome you to
Namhang High School's 21st anniversary.

Thank you for attending our celebration.
Of course you are!
Now, you're going to
see today's highlight event.

I know you'll enjoy this seven-girl band.
I hope you have a good time and...