Adolph Hitler invaded Poland
in September, 1939...

... starting WWII.
By the winter of 1942,
his armies were freezing and starving...

... in the snows of Russia, where his
best general had died of a heart attack...

... and America had entered the war.
For the first time,
Hitler's dream of a German empire...

... to last 1,000 years was in doubt.
While he hired and fired generals
and the winter grew colder...

... 15 of his officials were ordered
from their commands and ministries...

... to meet in a quiet lakeside residence
in Wannsee, in Berlin...

... far from the crisis at the front.
In two hours,
these men changed the world forever.

Only one record of what was said
and done here survives...

... from the wreckage of what was
the Thousand-Year Reich.

- How many rolls?
- Enough for four hours, sir.

Too many.
Two hours worth should be sufficient.

Do we have enough? How many fell?
I am sure we have a sizable inventory, sir.
You are sure, or you know?
I know, sir.
Itemize the cost. He pays.
Make it a separate report to me.

And keep him where I don't see him.