- America.
- Even America, thank you...

...where Jews constantly whisper
in Roosevelt's ear, still turns them away.

Then, in acquiring Poland,
we acquired two and a half million more.

By last July,
we were met with a new situation...

...we would, in very short order,
be acquiring some...

...five million Jews
as we conquered Russia.

The dimensions of this problem
have magnified astoundingly.

Five million.
Exactly the problem. Our ghettos are full...
All those ghettos, yes, with Polish names.
Fully occupied, but hold for now,
please, if you would.

At that time, last July,
confronting this new situation...

...Reichsmarshal Göring
prepared a directive, you have a copy.

The operative words,
if you'll permit me to read:

"I hereby charge you
with making all preparations...

" regard to organizational
and financial matters...

"...for bringing about a complete solution
of the Jewish question...

" the German sphere of influence
in Europe."

Now, for that, I read the cleansing...
...of the entire continent of Europe.
You see, the word "cleansing"...
An accurate word, I think. If I may go on...
:18:10 the second paragraph:
"Wherever other governmental agencies
are involved...

"...these are to cooperate with you..."
I hope. So on, so on.

" necessary for the accomplishment...
"...of the desired solution
of the Jewish question."

This is our mandate, all of us.
May I say, in fairness...
...the Jewish question falls
within the responsibilities...

...of my department, the Reich Chancellery,
and we received no directive...

If you will give me a moment or two.
- The document is in your folder?
- Yes, it is in your folder.

I'm sure it is.
Finally, what has happened
since that directive?

Succinctly, now...
...we are standing still in Russia,
the Americans have joined the war.

Both events are a further drain
on our military, our economy...

...our manpower, our food supply.
We cannot store these Jews.