Daddy and Them

[Kids Laughing, Shouting]
[Woman Screams]
Come on!
Come here!

No! I'm gonna do it!
I swear I will!

Let me go!
Stop it!

Stop it!
- Stop it!
- I'm telling you!

- Give me that!
- Ow! Ow.

- Give it to... Ow!
- Drop it!

- You're gonna cut both of us!
- What do you care?

You said you was gonna
kill yourself anyway.

- Stop it. Ow!
- Give it to me!

Give me that glass of piece!
It's dangerous!

It's a piece of glass.
You said glass of piece.

- Well, give it to me.
I don't care what I said.
- Ow!

Come on.
And get up.

- Quit actin' silly.
- Ow!

If I can cut that thing
right off your arm...

then I might have
a reason to live.

You're the one that told me
to get it covered up.

Talk to that dopehead
that done it.

He's the one that told me
it was artistic to do it that way...

pointy, not blocky.
Well, it's still a rose.
Crossed out name or not,
24 hours a day a rose.

And to top it off, you got that feather
or whatever down by your crotch.

I know it's just a cover-up job
that's hidin' your true feelings.

What if I had your brother's
name tattooed by my deal?

A sex reminder every time
you went to fool with me.

That's how I live every day
of my life, rain or shine.

Honey, a rose
is just a symbol...

that represents a flower
called a rose.

And you ought to be damn proud
that I covered her name up
with a feather that way...

'cause I done it for you
out of love.