Daddy and Them

- Just go.
- Now, that's not right, little Rose.

You need to go to church
with Claude.

A woman needs to be
in church with her husband.

I just wish everybody'd
get on the same page.

Thank you, Jesus.

We'd like to keep the Montgomery
family in our prayers...

as O.T.'s brother, Hazel...
was incarcerated recently...
I believe it was burglary,
wasn't it, O.T.?

- Armed robbery.
- Armed robbery, then.

You don't have to tell
the whole town, Daddy.

Brother Rush, would you
strike something up for us?

Then you tell him to get hisself
back out there and fix it.

- Well... Little...
- [Telephone Ringing]

- How'd he like to have his
ass whooped? Tell him that.
- [Metal Detector Beeping]

Y'all stay off
my hind end back there.

- I'm goin' as fast as I can.
- [Beeping]

Ain't nothin' for me to whoop
a plumber's ass, I guarantee ya.

- [Beeping Continues]
- Well, at least this is a clean jail.

I guarantee you...
Bring him back out there.

We'll have a squared-off place for him.
I'll just take care of him
right then and there.

Hey, listen...
Hey, y'all...

you can't just walk through here
like that, pretty as you please.

Get back over here.
I got to check you out.

- Hey, y'all.
- [All Chattering]

- Here's your wife.
- [Chuckling]

Uh, Hazel, are you gettin' along
all right in here?

- Yeah, it's all right.
- Can you... Can you sleep pretty good?

- Yeah, all right.
- Yeah?

That's a hell of a thing to watch
a big brother and a baby brother...

talkin' to one another
on the jailhouse phone.

- Huh?
- I said...

it's a hell of a thing to see
a big brother and a baby brother...