Daddy and Them

What do you say, puddin'?
What you doin', playin'?

You better start talkin'.
I want it all.

Don't you let another minute go by
without telling me...

every little nasty-ass
bit of it.

It's my right to know
what I'm dealin' with here.

'Cause if you used that contraption
on her, whatever it is...

tuggin' in and out of my sister
or you tuggin' in and out of her,
I have the right to know.

You mean her tuggin'
in and out of me.

You said me tuggin' it out of her,
and then you started to say
me tuggin' it out of her again.

You know what I mean,
you son of a bitch. Just start talkin'!

I wanna know where I stand,
fantasizin' and all.

'Cause if you like that shit... doodads,
little diddle sticks and stuff...

I swear to God I'll go to the hardware
store tomorrow mornin'...

and buy a carload of shit
to run in and out of us
that will cripple us both for life!

Honey, I'm always
straight with you.

I mean, you know, maybe it hurts,
but I don't bullshit ya.

I'll tell you everything.
I'll tell you every little detail...

about everything
you wanna know.

- You know that.
- Every little detail.
I bet you'd like that.

You like talkin' about it
and killin' me.

What are you talkin' about?
You told me to tell you.

I thought you wanted to know everything.
What about you?

- God knows what you've done.
You probably just lie about it.
- Oh, here we go.

Am I the best? God knows.
Who the hell would know?

- You've probably been out
with guys before hajus...
- Oh!

Don't even say it to me.
Don't tell me.

You talk about killin' somebody.
Oh, you could kill me, and you know it.

- I've told you a million times
you are the best.
- But you're lyin' about it.

It always turns into your shit!
I'm the one we're talkin' about now!

My feelin's are hurt!
Can we talk about me now?

It's not you! Now, what the hell happened
with that thing? What exactly is it?

It's just a toy.
It's just a little old bitty toy.

And it was a million years ago,
honey, back when me and Rose
here was two consentin' adults.

You keep your voice down! You want her
to hear us? Add that to injury.