Daddy and Them

# The riders looked on by 'im
he heard one call his name

#If you wanna save your soul
from hell a-riding on his range

# Then cowboy change your way today
or with us you will ride

# Trying to catch
the devil's herd

- #Across these endless skies
- Everclear.

# Yippee yi-ya
# Yippee yi-yo
# Ghost riders in he sky
# Yippee yi-ya
# Yippee yi-yo
[O. T] Problem is,
everything Elbe cooked is raw...

and everything
Billy here cooked is burn.

I should've knew better than
to let them try to barbecue anything.

But I got foot trouble.
Is Hazel goin' to the pen?
Well, if he would agree
to plead guilty to a lesser charge...

maybe we could work
something out.

However, he insists
on pleading not guilty.

I thought that's good,
isn't it?

It's real good
if you're not guilty.

Mr. Montgomery's
our client, Elaine.

We don't represent people
that we feel are guilty.

I know that, Lawrence.
But I also know
when a case looks tough.

I mean,
they have an eyewitness.

Don't forget, I've been around
a little longer than you.

Nobody's arguing
with that, sweetheart.