Daddy and Them

must be shootin' blanks,
or she's got female troubles.

Them your boys?
a whole lot easier...

to live with than real kids
is what I heard.

My boys is all I got.
Teddy and Jack, three and four, over at
their granddaddy and grand mama’s house.

Well, see there?

Ain't you goin' in
to watch your brother?

I can't watch.
He lost his lawyers.
They had a "May and December"

They give him a government lawyer
who seems nervous and ignorant.

All right, we're gonna try this again.
Mr. Montgomery...

- how do you plead, sir?
- Not guilty.

Not guilty?
Not guilty!

All right, sir, let...

- Mr. Caldwell, can you get
control of your client?
- In cold blood!

- A nut the size of a damn loon.!
- You lie like a rug!

[Pounding Gavel]
Order.! Order.! All of ya.! Everybody.!

- I'll kill you,
you psychotic little bastard!
- [Shouting, Indistinct]

- [All Yelling, Shouting]
- Order! Order!

You in court?
My cousin Russell,
all over 38 dollars.

He was a hyperactive child
and still is, I guess.

Folks is messed up
these days.

Life's easier, and folks
is more messed up.

- Must be awful not to have
the use of your legs.
- Yeah, it is.

At least I can hug my boys.
I was thinkin' the other day
about somebody bein' paralyzed
all the way up...

turnin' their wheelchair
with blowin' in a straw.

Imagine that.
Not even bein' able
to shake a man's hand.

But your kids.
Imagine that.
Just havin' to sit there
and stare at 'em.

- They wouldn't understand.
- [Billy] Daddy.!