Dieu est grand, je suis toute petite

Dammit, Francois, wake up!
lf it were up to me,
it would be front page news.

There's ''Jaws'' on Channel 6.
What time is it?

- ''Jaws!''
- Cut it out.

Sharks symbolize nazism.
They're scary, too.

l want to watch this.
Or there's ''Escape from the Future 3''.
Must be a bore.

Hell, l'm going to bed.
l have the comforter.
''Here is a Slav,
crossbred with a Negro.''

''Leon Tolstoy had a perfectly
unacceptable skull.''

You're a pain. Why put it up?
''Not to mention Karl Marx.''
You have toothpaste
in your mouth? l love it.

When are your parents comin?
ln a month. Why?
Will you introduce me?
lt's my turn, is that it?
Shit! Your're so handsome!
You okay?
Your bed's had it.
''Yes, l'm a Woman
and l'm Jewish''