Donnie Darko

You've got your vessel
and your portal,

and your vessel could be
just about anything,

- most likely a spacecraft.
- Like a DeLorean?

Metal craft
of any kind.

You know, I love that movie,
the way they shot it.

It's so...
Iike futuristic,
you know?

Don't tell anybody
that I gave you this.

The woman who wrote this
used to teach here.

She was a nun many years
before that, but...

then overnight,
she just-

she became this
entirely different person.

She up and left the church,
she wrote this book.

She started
teaching science,

right here in Middlesex.
"The Philosophy
of Time Travel."

Roberta Sparrow?
That's right.
Come on.
Roberta Sparrow?
Roberta Sparrow.
"Grandma Death."
It's called "The Philosophy
of Time Travel."

What does philosophy
have to do with time travel?

- Let me see.
- Guess who wrote it.

Roberta Sparrow?!
Huh. She wrote a book.
"Grandma Death"
wrote a book.

That's a terrible

We almost hit her
with the car the other day.

She lives up there
in that piece of crap house

and you know
she's loaded. She's-

Yeah, you're right.
She used to be known
for her gem collection.

used to go up there
all the time

and try to steal stuff
from her.

She became
a total recluse.

Huh- I didn't even know
she was alive

till we damn near knocked
her down the other day.