Double Take

Don't you know that I love you
- Hey-Hey, good morning, Mr. Chase.
- Yes, it is.

Oh, I don't see your driver.
I gave him the day off.
It's his birthday.

- Knicks? Courtside?
- Yeah, baby.

- Mr. Chase, you are the man.
- Ah, just say hello to Spike for me.

Oh, I'll do the right thing.
What is this? Fifteen a grand a month,
I gotta listen to this racket?

- Oh, well. I'm out of here.
- You have a good day.

- Be careful out there, huh?
- Nothing can touch me today.

- Give me that, punk!
- Mr. Chase.

- Mr. Chase, you all right?
- Yeah.

Stop, thief!
- Come on, boy.
- You sure you're all right?

I'll slice your little ass up.
Now you need a nut doctor.
Get on before you get spit on.

Hold it! Get down on the ground!
Get down on the ground!

- This what you do to the hero?
- You got the wrong guy!

- Do I look like Puffy?
- Shut up!

- You got the wrong guy!
- Hey, that is not the guy.

- What? What the hell you mean, it's not the guy?
- He got the briefcase back.

- That is not the guy.
- Are you sure?

- I'm positive.
- Now, you heard the man. Raise up off me!

- What?
- Just... Really.

I'm Muslim. I don't like
no parts of no pig!

- Look, you okay?
- Man, I hope I don't need no stitches.

I ain't got no insurance.
I'm really sorry about this.
And my mama got cancer.
- I said cancer.
- I think this will cover it.