Double Take

- You're in trouble.
- I am?

Yeah, you are. No pets on my train.
Ah, damn! I had it!
I'm gonna whoop his Wall Street ass.
How's your mama? We went out.
What you lookin' at? You know,
you'd make a nice nine-piece.

Your ass and a couple of biscuits.
You know black people like chicken.

You see any flies around me? Huh?
I'm just playin'. I'm just playin. '

- Take care, now.
- Good luck to ya.

Thank you.
Hey, what's happening, ese?
Hotter than a Mexican whorehouse on
nickel night with a $5 rebate, I hear.

Mr. Funny Man, eh?
And how long do you plan to honor us
with your presence in Mexico?