Down to Earth

You better get real serious by then,
'cause I'm gonna be there.

And I'm gonna bring
every television camera,

every news reporter,
every microphone I can find.

Fine. We'll make a party of it. I bring
some friends, you bring some friends.

We'll get some chips
and dip, a deejay.

And we-- You know,
we get on this hospital thing.

This meeting is over,
Mr. Wellington. Good-bye.

Hey, I'm serious. I'm--
I'm not jokin'. I'm-- I'm-- I--

Is something wrong ?
I lost the keys
to the handcuffs.

Didn't your mama tell you
to carry an extra handcuff key ?

Okay, okay. You know what ?
I'm just playin' with you.

I'm gonna look for the key.
It's not up there.

It's not there.
Uh, there it is.
Nope. Roach.

There you go. Got it.
You know what I got
right here ?

I got your freedom.
I'm just playin'.
Let me get it.

Don't worry. Gotcha.
See ? Everything's all right.
Um, thankyou,
I was just playin'.
I don't know what happened. I put the
pills in his drink. I saw him drink it.

I'll tell you what happened.
Ya blew it !

You ruined us ! You-- You idiot !
You incompetent moron !

- You bitch.
- You retard.

- Rich bitch.
- Oh, yeah.

You fat, old bitch.
Now we're talkin'.
- Oh, God.
- Oh, yeah.

- Honey, I'm home.
You want to put a little,
uh, English right on the top--

I just want to say that
I know y'all tried to kill me.