El Hijo de la novia

-Want some pizza?
-No anchovies.

Anchovies stink.
The ''half hour candy.''
They lasted that long.
Once l timed it. 28 minutes.

Went back to the store,
the guy gave me another.

-Try that today.
-Half hour of kicks in the ass.

-They did get married.
-They didn't, they just lived together.

Nati must know.
Did Maxwell Smart marry Agent 99?

-Who cares?
-She doesn't know.

-Getting married's a great idea.
-You too? Stop it.

-l told him.
-And forget romanticism?

-What are you saying?
-You're not Zorro.

You're the evil
Captain Monasterio.

My dad was with her until it was clear
she needed medical attention.

Now he visits her every day.
Rain or shine,
-he's there, never gives up.
-That's awesome. Awesome.

-l'm going to bed.
-You are?

-Sleep well.

-Does your dad remember me?
-l doubt it.

-Can you manage?

Let me do it.
So you get a little privacy.

l know when l'm in the way.
l'll talk with him later.
You know?

-Bye, honey.