Enemy at the Gates

Hey, Volodya!
After the Germans
invaded us,

it wasn't the same
atmosphere anymore.

Threw my ass
in prison.

What were you doing
in Germany, huh?

Excuse me, says I, but it was
comrade Stalin who sent me there.

Don't bring our glorious leader
into your treachery.

Confess, spy bastard!

And bang! Bang, bang, bang!
Well, there wasn't a sickle,
but there was a hammer.

And bang.
Knocked out all my teeth.

That's right, boy.
Have no illusions.

That's the land of socialism
and universal bliss for you.

[ Volodya]
Hey! It's your repair guy.

I got him.
It's about soup time,
isn't it?

I'm going.
Well, get a move on, Volodya,

and try not to spill it all
on your way back, you Marxist bastard.

[ Chattering ]
The enemy sniper activity reported
during the past 24 hours, Herr Major.