Enterprise: Broken Bow

Takes practice.
Ever slept in zero G?
- Slept?
- Like being back in the womb.

Captain tells me you've been
to Trillius Prime.

Took the 4th, 5th and 6th grades
to get there.

I've also been to Draylax and
both the Andorian Moons.

I've only been to one inhabited
planet besides Earth...

nothing there but dust-dwelling ticks.
- I've heard the women on Draylax have...
- Three...

- it's true.
- You know that first-hand?

First-hand, second-hand, and third-hand.
I guess growing up a boomer
has its advantages.

- Got an empty seat here, Commander.
- Sorry. Dinner with the boss tonight.

- The Grand Canyon?
- No.

- Big Sur Aquarium?
- Sightseeing was not one of my assignments.

All work and no play...
Everyone should get out for
a little R & R now and then.

All our recreational needs are
provided at the Compound.

Come in.
- You should've started without me.
- Sit down

T'Pol tells me she's been living at
the Vulcan Compound in Sausalito.

No kidding. I lived a few blocks from
there when I was at the Academy.

Great parties at the Vulcan Compound.
It might be a little easier using your fingers.
Vulcans don't touch food
with their hands.

Can't wait to see you tackle the spare ribs.
Don't worry. We know you're a vegetarian.