Enterprise: Broken Bow

- you are all right
- yes

We've got state-of-the-art sensors...
why the hell didn't we detect them?

Mister Reed thought he detected something
right before we lost power...

The starboard sensor logs recorded
a spatial disturbance.

Looks more like a glitch.
Those weren't glitches in Sickbay.
I want a complete analysis
of that disturbance.

- Where do we stand on weapons?
- I still have to tune the
targeting scanners...

What're you waiting for?
- Captain...
- The Klingon seemed to
know who they were.

See if you can translate
what he said.

There's no way you could have
anticipated this.

I'm sure Ambassador Soval
will understand.

You're the Science Officer.
Why don't you help Charlie
with that analysis?

The astrometric computer in San Francisco
will be far more effective.

We're not going to San Francisco,
so make-do with what we've got here.

You've lost the Klingon.
Your mission is over.

I didn't lose the Klingon... he was taken.
And I'm going to find out who took him.
How do you plan to do that?
Space is very big, Captain...

a shadow on your sensors
won't help you find them.

This is a foolish mission.
Come with me.
I'm not interested in what
you think about this mission.

So take your Vulcan cynicism
and bury it along with your
repressed emotions.

Your reaction to this situation
is a perfect example of why

your species should remain
in its own star system.

I've been listening to you Vulcans
ell us what not to do all my life.

I watched my father work his
ass off while your scientists

held back just enough information
to keep him from succeeding.

He deserved to see that launch.