Enterprise: Broken Bow

we were just taking him home.
You'd better be careful.
I'm a lot bigger than you are.

If you're thinking about harming me,
I'd advise against it.

What are you doing?
Why were you taking Klaang home?
You know, under different circumstances,
I might be flattered by this, but...

I've been given the ability to...
measure trust... but it requires
close contact.

You're Suliban...
I'm a member of the Cabal...
but not any longer.

The price of evolution was too high.
Some of my people are so anxious to "improve"
themselves that they've lost perspective.

So you know I'm not lying
to you... now what?

Klaang was carrying a
message to his people...

- How do you know that?
- I gave it to him.

What kind of message?
The Suliban have been staging attacks
within the Klingon Empire...

making it appear that one
faction is attacking another.

Klaang was bringing proof of
this to his High Council.

Without that proof, the Empire c
ould be thrown into chaos.

Why would the Suliban want that?
The Cabal doesn't make
decisions on its own.

They're simply soldiers...
fighting a Temporal Cold War.

Temporal? You've lost me.
They're taking orders from
the distant future.

We can help you find Klaang...
but we don't have a starship.

You'll have to take us with you.