Enterprise: Broken Bow

You can't be afraid of the wind...
learn to trust it.

It shouldn't take more
than a few moments.

Is this really necessary?
The others scanned negative.
You two, unfortunately, were
exposed to a protocystian spore.

I've loaded the appropriate
decon-gel into compartment-B.

Tell Mister Mayweather to
prepare to leave orbit.

- How's the Captain?
- I'm treating his wound

- Will he be all right?
- Eventually

Correct me if I'm wrong,
but aren't you just kind of
an "observer" on this mission

I don't remember anyone telling me
you were a member of Starfleet.

My Vulcan rank supersedes yours.
Apples and oranges. This is an Earth vessel.
You're in no position to take command.

As soon as we're through here,
I'll contact Ambassador Soval.

Él hablará con tus superiores,
y estoy segura que reafirmarán mi autoridad

He'll speak to your superiors
and I'm certain they'll support
my authority in this situation.

You must really be proud of yourself.
You can put an end to this mission while
the Captain's still unconscious in Sickbay.

You won't even have to
look him in the eye.

Your precious "cargo" was stolen...
3 Suliban, perhaps more, were killed...

and Captain Archer has been
seriously wounded.

It seems to me this "mission"
has put an end to itself.

Turn around.