Enterprise: Broken Bow

Let's say you're right...
let's say we screwed up just
like you always knew we would.

It's still a pretty good bet that
whoever blew that hole in the Captain's
leg is connected somehow to the people

I fail to see your point.
Captain Archer deserves a chance to
see this through. If you knew him,

you'd realize that's what
he's about. He needs to
finish what he starts.

His daddy was the same way.
You obviously share your Captain's
belief that my people were responsible

for impeding Henry Archer's

He only wanted to see his engine fly...
they never even gave
him a chance to fail.

And here you are, 32 later,
proving just how consistent
you Vulcans can be.

Very nice, very nice...
your myofibers are fusing beautifully.
- How long have I been...?
- Less than six hours.

I thought it best to keep you
sedated while the osmotic eel
cauterized your wound.

- How are you doing, Captain?
- That depends.

What's been going on for
the last six hours?

As your highest ranking officer,
I assumed command while you were

Are we underway?
You didn't waste much time, did you?
Is he fit to resume command?
As long as he returns for
more eel therapy tomorrow.

How long before we get back to

Earth, sir?
We're currently tracking
the Suliban vessel

that left Rigel shortly
after you were injured.

You got their... plasma decay rate?
With Mister Tucker's assistance,
I modified the sensors.

You now have the resolution
to detect their warp trail.

What happened to "this is a foolish mission?"