Looks like he crawled right through
the dirt there.

Hey, guys.
I was conducting a parameter check...
and there's something
you'd better see.

You liked that thing,
you're gonna love this.

What is it?
Great googa-mooga!
What'd I tell you?
They're crawling out.
They're trying to breathe
in our atmosphere.

Fortunately, they haven't been able
to adaptyet.

Hey, Ira, I think I know
how these things got here.

Well, this entire area...
is a honeycomb ofcaves
and old mine shafts.

Ifmemory serves,
the Moenave cave system...

starts a few miles from here,
west ofthe golfcourse.

Runs into the foothills, continues to
the Kaibab plateau and into Lake Powell.

Our cave is smack dab
in the middle ofthe system.

It's all connected.
- Could you repeat that?
- I'm impressed.

Hey, beneath this calm, sexy exterior
beats the heart ofa true scientist.

Whoa, guys! That one's moving.
What the hell is it doing?
It's trying to breathe.