Exit Wounds

Take it on a test drive.
l'm sorry. Our policy is no test drives.
How about hooking a brother up then?
Hooking a brother up.
The cheapest car we have here is $75,000.
That it?
-lt got a lot of head room. Get it?
-Yo, bro.

This is it.
Oh, yeah.
See? My man got taste.
Yes, well, he's got something.
-You like it?
-Yo, dog, this shit is hot, man.

How much? $200,000?
Actually, $285,000.
lt better suck and fuck me
for $285,000, man.

Actually, there are only seven of these
for sale in the U.S.

That many.
Pop the hood, man.
l want to see what $285,000 look like.

That's the hood.
That's the trunk.
That's okay.
Yo, start it up, dog.
No, l'm sorry.
lt's our policy. You can't start up the car.

lt's policy. Sorry.
What in the--
Hey, you!
Turn off the engine!
-Would you turn off the engine, please?
-Yeah, yeah!

Could you turn off
the motherfucking engine?

You don't have to yell.
All you had to do was ask.
You'd get much better results.

-Will you please just leave?

l want this.
Unless you decide you'd like to live in this,
l suggest that you--

l suggest you get started
on the paperwork.

What do these people think?
Oh, my God.
There's $300,000 in there.
Make sure he gets the commission.
He get....
Keep the change.
Maybe l made a mistake.
You know?
We're both homies.
All of us here. Why don't you....