Experiment, Das

Tell me, why are you doing this?
I do it often. Guinea pig.
Once I got an intestinal probe.
It was worse than this here.

The people were nicer,
but I got only 900 marks for it.

What do you do with the money?
I've got sort of a dream.
- Yeah, what?

No, you'll laugh at me.
- I won't laugh at you. I promise.

A Ferrari.
- Do you know what a Ferrari costs?

Not a new one.
l know a dealer, he likes me.

Maybe a '89
if the bank plays along.

Fine. But to fill her up
you'll need another loan.

A yellow one.
I'd park it at my kiosk
so that everyone can see it.

I dreamed of it all my life.
It's important to have a dream.
I read that somewhere.
It's true. What's your dream?

Does anyone have drugs here?
I think this is a jail!

Keep your trap shut today, 77!
- What do you want?

Kiss my ass!
Mr Prison Guard Berus,
I've got a question.

That number yesterday,
could it be that it turned you on a bit?

I think I saw it clearly.
Did you fuck your wife hard at home?

Shut up, you idiot!
- Or don't you have a wife?

Could be.
Ground staff, right? You're all gay!
And Mr Prison Guard,
there's something else.

You smell a bit strong.
Yes! Has anyone ever told you
that you stink, man!

There's something,
people call it soap.

If you'd use it you wouldn't
stink any more. Although -