Experiment, Das

Just a moment! 77, step out!
You're not interested in
writing letters?

So it was your last one!
Back in line!

Turn left!
Now the song!
Whoever doesn't know the words
by tomorrow really has it coming!

You want to bust it? Maybe the
others just want their money!

You think what's happening
here is okay?

That's not the point.
I can't manage it by myself.
You're the only one I can ask.

Are you going to help me, pilot?
Are you going to help me, Steinhoff?
- No.

Go fuck yourself.
- You too.

You're a soldier! Embarrassing,
if you broke it off!

I reject any escalation.
- But you forgot one thing:

It's not a war, it's a simulation!
- Is it?

You always do what they tell you!
You really think Berus
wanted to get rid of you?

He wanted to see if you'd come back.
You did what they expected you to do.

You're endangering the whole
group. So l won't help you.

Let me out!
What's wrong with you? Stay calm!
From now on 69 is called Sissy.
Calm down!
14, 15...
It's only an experiment, a joke!
You apply, tomorrow you're out!