Funny Girl

Half? All.
Free beer. You come, huh?
Mama, I'll come home soon.
Take your time.
I'm gonna be so busy showing off.

How many mothers on Henry Street
are the mother of a Ziegfeld star?

- Bye.
- I'll see you later.

Well, you have a charming mother,
and I have a problem.

I ought to fire you.
But I love talent.

And it's hard to quarrel
with five curtain calls.

There you are. That's my problem.
So I guess I'll have
to give you another chance.

Oh, Mr. Ziegfeld!
- Did he fire you?
- Not yet.

But I'll ring the curtain
down on you...

...if you disobey my orders again.
I won't. I won't. Never, ever.
I'll do it straight tomorrow night.
I mean...
...without the pillow.
You'll do it exactly like tonight.
- That's an order.
- You liked it?

No! But the audience did. That's why
I'm going to give you another number.

I'll choose a new song for you.
Thank you, Mr. Ziegfeld!
The only thing is, about that song.

A song, you know,
it's a very, very intimate thing.

I mean, it's really
between me and the audience.

So one of the things I really feel
definite about is choosing my own.

Choosing your own what?
Songs. Songs.
Good evening.
- And congratulations. Both of you.
- Hello, Nick.

- It's you, my first ruffled shirt.
- Good to see you. How're they running?

Ahead, Flo, just like you
and this little girl.

First time I saw her,
I had a hunch you belonged together.