Funny Girl

Wherever he is,
he should only stay there, huh?

What do you do anyway?
I mean, between my opening nights?

- Live.
- Everybody does that.

Hardly anyone does. But I do.
And on the side, I gamble.

You just gamble?
Yes. Like you did tonight.
You married?
No, Mrs. Strakosh, I'm not married.
So you're Mrs. Strakosh's
married daughter, Sadie.

To a dentist.
Mr. Arnstein, could I interest you
in a friendly little game of poker?

Three-cent limit.
- I was hoping you'd ask me.
- Oh, good.

- Deuces, 10s and jokers wild.
- What?

We're out for blood.
- Would you care to deal?
- All right.

Oh, look!
That's marvellous.
I think he's played a game
of poker before, that Mr. Arnstein.

The way he looks to home.
He's a gentleman.
- A gentleman fits in any place.
- A sponge fits in any place.

To me, when a person's a stranger,
they should act a little strange.

I bet.
- I call.
- I call.

I'm afraid you're too good for me.
I see. I got two pair.
It's yours.