Good Advice

We lost half of our Top-Kunden. Why did you do this?
it was hoodwinked I.
The supervision of the stock exchange called.
She/it doesn't interest it at all,

whether you were hoodwinked.
Do you know "obligation to take reasonable care the word "?

We lost 52 million dollars of customer funds and through what? A tip?
I had my lnformation from Donald Simpson myself. Oh, great.
Then, you ask him/it for a new job. No, you wait...
She/it shits, supervision of the stock exchange comes on! If we further-employ

if it is called, we press with lnsider - businesses an eye to. Toot sorrow for

Please don't do this. I has
my whole fortune also put in.

Ah... Well!
2 quite stupid mistakes done.
am flexible.
it can simply persuade me I that it is more badly than for you for me.
Or I simply always must tell myself only again that you are a Ryan gymnast.
Ah... And, treasure, if there is somebody, that comes again quite fast upward,
then, you are this. Not true?
Ryan! Toot sorrow for the waiting for me.
Already O.K..

Has itself spoken everywhere.
Youre company already admires longer I.

We could now focus our strengths. Unfortunately, we reduce straight places.
You besought year half before me. I now am... Pure poison.
Very sorrow, Ryan, for me
I can make nothing for you unfortunately.