Good Advice

Ages, I am totally frustrated over it into which direction this develops.
Ages! Nimm's not so tragic.
Therefore beautifully, out with it. Where is she/it? Cindy? She/it is not

lmmer, if I call here, you say, she/it is not there. And in the office, they

she/it works at home. She/it has someone to the talk somewhere, but not me.
And not here. To the devil, what is free? Well, beautiful. You want to hear the truth?
As you want. Cindy wanted to drive away for personal reasons in fact.
Cindy tells me all otherwise.
This not.

She/it still writes for the newspaper, however. She/it has e-mail contact.
You lie. And I won't go sooner, until has an answer I.
O.K., want you to hear the real truth?
Cindy is... pregnant.

Ah, my God!
Your Ass will become so fat.

Why did it not tell it to me? Attendants! This would not have concealed
her/it/them me!

But the child is from another man.
Ah, my God!
It was Gunter, her/its/their trainer. has told to her/it/them I, she/it
should do end... Ups!

Ah, Ryan, you must completely
ready is. And now as well this!

Tell her/it/them, Barry can make nothing for pregnancy strips.
If you need something, calls me. Equally like early.
"Dear Cindy, I pushed on Youre column recently and find her/it/them marvelously.