Gosford Park

We're supposed to be
downstairs already.

Well, you go on.
I'll be down
in a minute.

- Try and make her look respectable.
Oh, thank you.
Well... there's no harm
in trying.

Well, thank you very much, Mr.Jennings.
-Just Jennings, sir.
- All right.

Just Jennings.
Oh, by the way, I've booked
a telephone call to California,

and I'd appreciate it if you would
get me as soon as it comes through.

- Very good, sir.
- Thank you,Jennings.

You're not gonna provide

That's how you got
your invitation.

- Oh, no, don't get up.
- Please, go on.
- You look lovely in that dress,
if I may say so.

- What is it?ldon't recognize it.
A little something I'm working on.
I can't imagine how one
ever goes about inventing a tune.

Where do you start?
It's rather difficult
to say.

Well, I think
you're too clever for words.

- Good evening.
- Hello.

- Lovely dress.
- Thank you.

How do you manage
to put up with these people?

How do you manage
to put up with these people?

Well, you forget I earn my living
by impersonating them.