Goyangileul butaghae

Hey, Jiyoung!
Why do you smoke so much?
It's so bad for you.

You're all gonna be moms some day.
Ah, I'm really worried about
the future of mankind.

- You must like cats.
- They're cute.

I trust the proverb, ''Man who
hates cats cannot have a good woman''.

There's a saying like that?
Hey, why do you like Haejoo so much?
What do you think? Do I look good?
Please don't.
Do you have any cigarettes?
Hey, go get me some cigarettes.

Here Kitty, me-ow.
Wake up, Taehee!
Hold her, hold her!
Hurry up! Hurry!

Wait up!
Why'd you drink so much?
Hey, hurry up!
Come on!
Wait mister, wait!
Wait! Mister, wait!
- Grab Taehee! Hold her!
- Get up.

- Thank you, mister
- Don't stay out so late.

Yes, sir.