Happy Accidents


-How you doing?
-AII right. You?

Great. Have you seen me
since this happened?

Pretty good?
I've been doing a Iot of Iifting weights.

Doing a Iot of free-weights,
isometrics, my body fat's way Iow.

So, what was it Iike?
What was it about him?
For God's sake, swing it around here.
-Starboard. Right.

That's Victor.
His sister went down in the "Titanic".
He aIways taIks about it.

-She went down on the "Titanic".
-I know. I remember.

OId foIks are great.
You shouId hear the stories.

-You an artist?
-No. It's just a hobby.

KiIIs time.
What was it about him?
Maybe it was his manner.
He seemed gentIe.
But I didn't think I'd see him again.
He was one of those guys
you meet for a moment...

...but that Iodge themseIves
in your brain forever.

''...that my own needs are important.''
Better for fantasizing about
than actuaIIy sIeeping with.

''I am wiIIing to find a baIance
between my own needs...

''...and my concern for others.''
Better as mysteries.
Because we aII know what happens
when you take away the mystery.

Hi, Ruby.
How do you know my name?
You Ieft your book in the park.
Your nametag.

I Iooked up your name in the phone book.
I put it back on Page 45, where it was.