Head Over Heels

They can stay in love forever.
Speaking of real life, aren't you supposed
to have one tonight, for a change?

Oh, sh--
That's right.

I was gonna surprise
Michael with dinner.

What's so funny?
Nothing. Just that you're going to die alone.
- What?
- She's going to die alone!

Seriously, why do I need a personal life
if my work makes me happy?

Because work isn't enough.
You need someone to share your life with.

And if you give up on that now,
it might not be so easy to find later.
Polly, could I see you in my office?
I need to have a look at the, uh, restoration reports.
Oh, God. Do you think that could be me one day?
No. If it got that bad, I'd shoot you...
and put you out of your misery.
Think I better go see Michael.
Oh, shit.
Uh, Amanda, this...
isn't what it looks like.

Huh. It looks like you're having sex...
with a woman from the cover of a lingerie catalog.
- In our bed.
- Uh--

Amanda, you know what your problem is?

You think everybody's basically good,
and you fall for them right away.

There are four million men in New York.
Why can't I find one good one?

Just one. Just one.
You know? Just one.

Remember when you saw the Titian
and you got weakin the knees?

Have you ever felt that way about a guy?
Lisa, please.
Real women don't get weak in the knees
over some guy.

Yeah, but most woman don't get weak
in the knees over a painting.