Head Over Heels

Come on, Hamlet.
No means no, dude!

I am so sorry.
He's a horny bastard, isn't he?
- I wouldn't know. I just met him.
- I was talking about the dog.

I know.
I know that.

Can I get you anything, like a Kleenex or a cigarette?
No, I'm fine, really.
Look, it was nice to meet you and your huge dong--
I mean, his huge dong.
I've seen way bigger than that.
I mean, his huge dick.
Dog! Huge dog!
Right. Okay. Gotta go.

It was nice meeting you too.
Oh! Hamlet.
Great Dane.

I get it.
That's clever for a dog name.

Yeah, I thought so too.
Oh, my God.
I gotta go. Bye.

Come on in.
This place is amazing.

Holly Payton.
Oh, Amanda Pierce.

The rent's $500.
You can pay cash,

check, money order, cash--
Could I see the room first?
Here it is.

It looks like a closet.

Closets don't have windows.
Besides, this...
is the closet.
I mean, how much room do you need to sleep?
But shoes, they need their space.
Now, we have a lot of people interested,
so what is it that you do?

Oh, I work over--
You work?

I like you.
Did I mention you're in the lead for the apartment?

- Hey.
- Oh, you're back.

- Ooh!
- This is Amanda. She works.

Amanda, this is Roxana Miloshslah--