Head Over Heels

What are you going to wear?
I'll just take hers.

- Say what?
- She wants to try on your top. Give it.

What's going on here?
Hey. Did you know there are two guys
just waiting in the hall for you?

Only two?
The longer we wait, the more money they'll spend.
On dinner.
Okay, let's back it up, boys.
See if there's anything you like, Amanda.
Oh, no, no.
I'm not really interested in men right now.

Oh, but they seem like great guys.
Yeah, they all seem like great guys when they
know you're watching.

- You gotta learn to look past what they want you to see.
- Huh.

That guy right there--
Suit's Hugo Boss, but it's straight off the rack.

Tie's a Gucci knockoff,
and those shoes--

Girl, that's between him and Payless.
But check this guy.
See that bulge in hispants?

That's either a necklace box from Tiffany's or--
Oh, hell.
I'll take him either way.

So you pick relationships based on clothing and gifts.
No, we pick them based on personality.
- Now pick a guy so we can go.
- Oh, I don't think I can afford to go out with you guys.

Actually, I know that I can't.
We don't pay.
We're models.

What does someone like you do?
I'm a paintings conservator at the Met,
specializing in Renaissance art.

Right now I'm restoring this one painting--

- Titian's Bacchanal.
- Yeah.

Uh, and-and one of the faces is blank,
and there's absolutely no historical
record of what it looked like,

so it's up to me to complete it.
Yeah, we should definitely talk more about that later.
Hi, Candi with an "I."
Oh, hi, Mandy.