Head Over Heels

I mean, how do you know his name is Jim Winston?
He's a fashion executive.

The girls tell me he's the hottest
young guy in the business.

So you want him, eh?
Why do you say that?

That look on your face.
I used to see it all the time when I'd catch me
Uncle Pete lookin' at me.

There's no look.
I was just shocked because I recognized someone.

Besides, I never go out with guys like that,
even if I were going out, which I'm not, so--

- You want me to find out where he works?
- No.

I just told you, I don't care
if I ever see him again.

Get off her.

It's you.
Hamlet definitely seems to like you.
You mean, he doesn't just tackle anybody?

He tackles everybody, but he only drools
on his favorites.

Well, I'm flattered.
You're funny.

You really should have somebody take
a look at those knees.

You know, they've never done this before.
I'm gonna have to see a psychiatrist.

I mean, a leg doctor, because obviously
it's a leg problem.

At least let me buy you another latte.
Ah, no, thanks, Jim.

How do you know my name?
I don't remember introducing myself.
But you did, Jim. Remember?

I'm Amanda and that's Hamlet.
Jim, Amanda, Hamlet.

I think I'd remember a beautiful name like Amanda.
But you didn't.
Anyway, sorry.

I can't go out with you.
For coffee.

I didn't mean go out with you,
just go out with you for coffee.

Not even to replace this one,
Which I can't.

I got the runs. I mean, I gotta run.
Okay, gotta go.

Oh, God.
I got the runs?