Head Over Heels

He can't have a love child without a lover.
And that scumbag invited me out for coffee.
Then how do you explain the husband-looking guy
with the baby pouch?

A little menage a trois action. Yeah.
I bet they don't even know which one the father is.

Ah, schoolgirls.
That's sweet.

Yeah. Seems sweet.
Unfortunately, what we're about to find out is
they're underage prostitutes...

dressedas Catholic girls.
See that?
He's giving them money.

I think the money's probably for all
those candy bars he's buying.

Those little whores are good.
They even bring the props.

Oh, 25!
Okay, pace yourself.

Stop it.

Now, I am looking very hard, okay,
and I can't see any flaws.
He's like Mr. Perfect.
A little too perfect, maybe?
Gay perfect?

He wears boxers, and there are no framed
portraits of his mother.

Trust me, that man is not gay.
I can't decide whether he looks better
with clothes on or off.

- These are great pictures, Jade.
- I know.

Let me see,
let me see-- Oh.

Candi, your eyes--
your whole face is beautiful.

- Why do they keep making you get work done?
- Bulk discount.

Look, Amanda, he's having a party.
It's the best time for you to talk to him.
Yeah, except that I'm not invited.
So what? We crash.

That's a really great way
to talk to someone--

getting turned away
from his party.

- Who would keep models away from a party?
- Hello.

Every man there is gonna be saying, "I wish
more models would show up at this party."

- No, thanks, anyway.
- Stop the pose.
You know you're into him.