Head Over Heels

Gonna do my very best
and it ain 't no lie

Can you put me to the test
Can you let me try

Take a chance on me
Take a chance on me
I can't wearthis. I look like a skank.

You can wear it, honey.
I'm just not sure how long you'll keep it on.

Remember, when you walk in,
you're the most beautiful woman in the room.

Well, you're in the top four.

Oh, and keep your cheeks clenched.
Not those. These.
Oh, and most important, don't forget to turn them on,
the headlights.

Okay. Allright.
Here comes--

Hey, Jimmy, a piece of heaven fell into
my office today, I swear to God.

And she signed with you, Nick.
When did she get the third eye removed?

Ladies. Ladies.
Ladies, the first glass was free,
but this one is gonna cost ya.
My God.
Hey, Ivan. Harold.
Hey, Jimmy, just got some new samples in.
You wanna open 'em now or later?
I will take her now...
and her later.
- [ Barks ]
- [Women Giggling]