Head Over Heels


But why did she leave you?
I mean, you're practically perfect.

I mean, it sounds like you two were a great couple.
You know what my problem is?
I think everybody's basically good.
Then I fall for them right away.

And then I get disappointed.
I know exactly what you mean.
Not saying that I was ever the best boyfriend.
Work kept me away for long hours.
She thought it was dangerous.

She thought the fashion business was dangerous?
Dangerous. To my health.
You know, stressful.
Well, I'd hate to see anything happen to you,
and I onlyjust met you.
Thereyou are. Jim.
Come back to the party, man.
There's somebody I Want you to meet.

Great. Was the chairman able to make it?
Oh, no, not the chairman.

Just some V.I.P.s in from Antwerp.
Okay, okay.
Hold on a second.

Remember that ass I hate kissing?
Well, this is Belgian ass.
The worst.

Well, I wouldn't know,
but I'll take your word for it.

Hey, maybe we could meet on purpose next time.
A date?
You know, actually, my schedule's pretty crazy
the next few weeks.

Uh-- Yeah, me too.
I have this big project at the museum.

And Mr. Rankin--
Goodnight, Jim.

Good night.
- Amanda.
- Huh?

- My jacket.
- Oh.