Head Over Heels

I think we're both alike.
You mean, inarticulate?
That's the word I was looking for.
- What are you doing Saturday?
- Huh?

Whoa! I thought I told you
to get those knees looked at.

And you know What?

He likes me without the dress
and the makeup and the stiletto heels.

Oh, Mandy, maybe the next one
will work out for you.

Mmm, there's not gonna be a next one. He is the one.
Oh! Oops!

There you are!
We thought you got a room.

You guys looked
so cute together.

Guess what.

- He totally kissed me.
- Oh!

- You go, girl!
- You are in love with him.

Who's that?

- Oh, it's--
- Another woman.

Maybe they're
just good friends.

Then why is he closing the blinds?
He nevercloses the blinds.

- Maybe she's his sister.
- We are not in the outback, Candi.

We are so sorry. Our creep radar didn 't
go off with him at all.

It's okay. I haven't been able
to believe my eyes or my heart.

- Why should my knees be any different, right?
- You know what? Forget him.

- Why don't you come out with us?
- No, no, no. You guys go ahead.

- You sure?
- Uh-huh. I'm totally fine.

Oh, Mandy, I can't see you,
but I know you must be sad.
My God.
[ Woman Screams ]