Head Over Heels

- What are you--
- That way you can find out if he's nice or a slasher.

Or if he's lying about being married.
Don King fooled me on that one-- twice.

I don't care about him!

Amanda, ifyou don't sort this out,
you'll never have a good relationship
for the rest of your life.

You'll end up a pathetic, lonely old woman...
who makes her co-workers watch videos of her
cat's lame-ass birthday parties.

You say what you want about me, tramp,
but don't you go bad-mouthing Jane-cat!
Enough! Everyone shut up and listen to me!
All of you, young and old, gay and straight.
I'm a-gonna have red beans for dinner!
- And especially the deaf!
- Hmm?

I don't care about him.
I don't care about the baby-sitting or his eyes...
or the fact that he can do a zillion "pully-uppy"
things on that bar.

And I don't care about his sexy grin...
or the fact that he can make me laugh even when
his dog is trying to hump me.

And I really don't care...
that I fall asleep every night dreaming about him.
Because I am not crazy!
I saw him kill that girl, and I know it.
I'm a-gonna have red beans for dinner.
- Gladys!
- What?

I only caught about every fifth word, but that girl
is head over heels.

- I am not!
Look, fine. I will investigate him.
I will stalk his ass just to prove there is
something seriously off with this guy...

and all of you are just too stupid to see it.
Can I help you?
We were in apartment 403
last night, and we want to be...

discreet, you understand?
We left some clothes.

She means to say our...