Head Over Heels

black, French-cut
crotchless panties.

And the rest of the props from our act.
So you will help us, no?
Sure. I'll trade you his key for that dress.
Mitch, you are a nasty boy!

Look, don't blame me.
I didn 't break the elevator.

[ Gasping ]
What exactly are we looking for?

Anything that may indicate he's a cold-blooded killer.

Look. It's him with his grandparents.
That is very cute.
Look at him.

Hello. Hi. Girl who has a date with a potential
murderer in four days.

Could we get back to work, please?
Jim might be home any minute.

Relax. We called his office.
He's gonna be in a meeting all day.

Yeah, and Holly's waiting for a
phone call, so she's keeping lookout.

Yeah, I'm 17.

Year I was born?
- Look at this.
- What is it?

Dirty laundry. He's got a whole pile just
sitting on a chair in his bedroom.

- So?
- I hate that.

Look. It has a blood stain on it.
That's why I brought it out.
He didn't presoak.

That baby's set for life.
This is going into evidence.

Oh, yeah, good.
Now make love to the shirt. Good!

Love the shirt.
Make love to the shirt.

Now hate it. It hates you.
- Bad shirt!