Head Over Heels

- Now I know your secret.
- What?

- Now I know your secret.
- What?

You throw like a girl.
Oh, man! I forgot to close the blinds.
Darling, after that performance,
I want to be your friend.

Yeah. Hey, how'd you do that thing with your back?
Okay. I can get really freaked out about this,
but guess what.

Jim is taking me to Shelter Island for the weekend,
and he says he has something important he wants to tell me.
Congratulations. You bag him.

I know, I know. I don't wanna get too excited,
but we're leaving early, so I gotta get to work.
- Wow, that was fast.
- Okay, if they get married, I'll throw a shower.

- I'll do the pictures.
- I do groomsmen.

Hold on.
He's taking her away?

Maybe permanently away?

Hey, Roxana, could I borrow
that Richard Tyler thing again?

I don't know.
I give to you, I may never see again.

Come on.
Fine. Take it away.

Did I miss something here?
At yesterday's show, I heard some guy...
ask Jim about that woman who disappeared, and--
And you were worried about me.
Well, yeah.

Hey, you guys. Thought we could walk to work together.
Lisa, I only live a block from the museum.
Thought you could use the company.
Look, Holly, please.
Don't be worried. It's okay.

I have followed him, I have searched his apartment,
and now that I know him intimately--
Darling, you left the blinds up.
We all know him intimately.