Hearts in Atlantis

Whenever it wants, the past can come
kicking the door down.

And you never know
where it's gonna take you.

All you can do is hope
it's a place you wanna go.

You've reached the Garfield family.
Jill and the boys are away.

You can reach them on their cells.
I'll be on the road for a few days.
Be back Tuesday.

On behalf of the president
of the United States...

...l present this flag...
...for the honorable
service rendered...

...by your husband,
Major John Sullivan.

-Hey, Sully!

Bobby, I decided what I wanna be.
A magician.

-I'll pull rabbits out of a hat.
-Rabbits will shit in your hat.

But I'd be a cool bastard.
Admit it.