Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Made it over
the Great Divide

Now I'm coming
for you

and adversaries...

What the fuck
is wrong with you?

Why can't we...
why don't you write
a new song?

You want me, baby,
I dare you

Try and tear me down...
Thank you,
my name is Hedwig.

Please welcome those ambassadors
of Eastern bloc rock,

The Angry Inch.
Here they are.

And my man Friday,
through Thursday,
Yitzhak, ladies
and gentlemen.

There's no need,
there's none.

Also very talented and so lucky
to be here, right, boys?

- Yeah.
- Yes, Miss Hedwig.

Look out, guys,

I've got their passports
right here.

Ladies and gentlemen,
do you like the pelt?
I want you to be honest,

because some bitch
stopped me on the way in--

"What poor, unfortunate
creature had to die

for you to wear that?"
"My Aunt Trudy,"
I replied.

Just walked away.
Just walked away ladies and--

- Hedwig, can we eat dessert?
- What is it? Yes, you can.

I am thrilled,
you can join me for
the fabulous first night

of the St. Louis leg
of my world tour.

And when it comes
to huge openings,

a lot of people
think of me.

Many more of you,

have only recently
become aware of me.

It took a character
assassination piece like this

to make you finally
pay attention.

But now you're
interested, huh?

Intrigued, even?
How did some...
slip of a girly-boy
from Communist East Berlin

become the internationally
ignored song stylist

barely standing
before you?

That's what I want to talk about
tonight, ladies and gentlemen.

I don't wanna talk
about sudden,

commercial success.