Hedwig and the Angry Inch

I don't wanna talk
about betrayal,

I don't wanna talk
about my lawsuit

against a certain
rock and roll "icon,"

Tommy Gnosis,
who, by some freak
coincidence, is performing

right next door
at Busch Stadium.

And to whom I taught
everything he knows,

and has apparently

about rock & roll!
Yes, this is
Phyllis Stein,

manager of Hedwig
and the Angry Inch.

I've been ho--
"Inch"! Not "Itch."

Let me speak
to Brad, please.

You know I've been holding
for 24 minutes?

Yes, hi, Brad,
this is Phyllis.

So what's going on
with Bilgewater's?

You make
the baby cry.

I heard the entire
chain's going under.

Hold on,
hold on a second.

- Hedwig!
- We can have a gig

in any Bilgewater's nationwide
with a 24-hour notice?

And they know what kind
of music we play?

Brad, I love you.
Okay, ciao.
People, people,

Tomorrow is
a travel day.

It's a travel day
for Tommy,

so it's a travel day
for us.

Friday, Chicago.
at Soldier Field,

and we're
at Bilgewater's

in the mall
down the street.

And the next day,
looks like he's...

basically, he's back
on the bus.


He's doing
a record signing.

Why do you feel
the need to lie to me?

Hedwig, please.

I don't think it's going
to help our lawsuit

if you continue to--
if you present
the appearance of stalking.

You know I don't
like that word.

Please listen to me.
How about you don't talk to him,

and I get someone
to steal a photo

- of you two together?
- A photo--

You know some rag
will run it.

It'll really help
the lawsuit.

Proves you two
know each other.