Hedwig and the Angry Inch

I could not recognise
'Cause you had blood
on your face

I had blood
in my eyes

But I could swear
by your expression

That the pain
down in your soul

Was the same
as the one down in mine

That's the pain
That cuts a straight line
down through the heart

We call it love
We wrapped our arms
around each other

Tried to shove ourselves
back together

We was making love
Making love
It was a cold, dark evening
such a long time ago

When, by the mighty hand
of Jove

It was a sad story
how we became

Lonely two-legged

The story
of the origin of love

the origin of love

Oh yeah
The origin of love
The origin of love
The origin of love.
It is clear that
I must find my other half,

but is it a he,
or a she?

What does this person
look like?

Identical to me?
Or somehow complementary?
Does my other half have
what I don't?

Did he get the looks?
The luck?
The love?
Were we really separated

or did he just run off
with the good stuff?

Or did l?