Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Have you...
have you accepted
Jesus Christ

as your personal lord
and savior?

No, but l...
I love his work.
No. What he was
saving us from

was his fucking father.
What kind of god
creates Adam in his image
and then pulls Eve out of him
to keep him company?

And then tells them
not to eat

from the Tree
of Knowledge?

He was
so micromanaging.

So was Adam.
But Eve...
Eve just wanted
to know shit.

She took a bite
of the apple,

and she found out
what was good

and what was evil.
Then she gave it
to Adam,

so he would know,
because they were
in love.

And that was good,
they now knew.

would you give me
the apple?

The words falling
from those lips.

And his eyes...
his irises
were clear cylinders

of surprising depth...
and emptiness.
Only a few puddles
of bluish pain

sloshed around inside.
Same blue
as my eyes.

At the time,
Tommy's performance options
were limited

to the occasional
guitar mass.

I initiated a six-month
curriculum of rock history...